17-20January 2019


ICE Ecrins Festival Already the 29th edition. The time flies…

Flyer ICE 2018

What’s new?
* an International ICE Climbing Competition open to everyone (only for guys who knows the difference between an ice axe and a fork), qualification outside, final inside! Beautiful gifts and bonuses brought into play ...
* specific Partners Worshops with brand-new materials and free tests, a famous athlete or mountain guide,
* three evenings and three themes: men with 7 lives (Wednesday 16th), excellence in mountaineering (Thursday 17th), the spirit of rope vs. soloing’ (Friday 18th)!

And at the heart of the festival:
- ephemeral climbing, its ice icefallf for all (initiation and improvement) with Petzl, Camp, Millet, Blue Ice, Triple Zéro, Béal, Scarpa;
- safety workshops in EACH WORKSHOP, with FFCAM, Anena, CRS, PGHM and Ortovox to behave safely in the mountain;
- but also ski touring with the ESF of Puy Saint Vincent;
- free skiing with Salomon, La Sportiva;
- and a snowshoe workshop to discover our landscapes.

The exhibition located at the ICE Village offers, with our partners, novelties and free tests of equipment (no loans or locations, only test in the frame of partners’ workshops).

For equipment loan, please book with our local and partners shops, Espace Montagne, King’s, Chaud Sport and Approach who offer -30% discount on presentation of the ICE badge!

And also...
- free massages (with the kine group),
- the banquet (with a bard),
- the literary coffee,
- tombolas, with many gifts,
- lively debates, surprise guests,
- and the final fireworks and amazing party!

So ready?

Contact : (+33) (0)6 11 07 00 91


How does it work? Registration ONLINE starts the 1st of December! 30 euros a DAY!!!

Workshops for everyone, including equipment tests (subject to availability inside each workshop), direction by mountain guides, shuttle transport.

Registration online is obligatory.


In all workshops, the focus is on training of prevention mountain’s risks, by mountain guides, CRS, PGHM, FFCAM and ANENA.

Partner Workshops 1 & 2: ski touring for girls & mixed with PETZL !

Everything is in the title!

Discover local and wonderful areas with PETZL workshops which are about ski touring for girls (workshop 1) & ski touring for mixed group (workshop 2)!

Two PETZL mountain guides, Fred Degoulet & Simon Vernez will join you in order to secure the groups.

At the program: test freely and safely the latest models of La Sportiva & SALOMON skis on the slopes and off-piste!


Partner workshop 3: Progression by crampons with LA SPORTIVA !

What is cramponning? What do you crampon to? To your feet, of course! Yes, your arms are indispensable when one is on the ice-fall but foot-technique does the rest!

Not so easy, but when you know how to use your feet well and thus your crampons: stick them properly in the ice, rythmically advance, you will then understand your economy of energy, and the pleasure increases!

TRANGO CUBE, NEPAL CUBE, BATURA, OLYMPOS, brand and boots of your dreams, come and test them during the three days of the ICE 2018. LA SPORTIVA will also come with its ski park :-)

You’ll be guided and advised by Laurent Girousse, high-mountain guide.

Partner workshop 4: Ice climbing with FFCAM mountain guides

Incredible valleys of Freissinières and Fournel? Only 8 participants per guide, a good principle to progress ... Each evening from 6:30pm to 8:00pm the HAPPY HOUR = the single way to register at workshops...

Yes you can! Mountain guides will teach you the techniques to progress on ice, but also they will help you to understand its formation, color and texture....

A magic world...

Partner workshop 5: CAMP for individual ice-climbing training …

Discover the ice-falls at the bottom of a valley where you can only hear the running stream and the snow falling from the branches... the stuff of dreams!

During a trip, guided by Didier Angelloz, in the team CAMP/CASSIN since 1991 and high-mountain guide, but also with Stéphanie Maureau, ice climbing world champion in 2010, you’ll be able to test the helmets, ice-axes, harnesses, and clips from CAMP/CASSIN...

Do not hesitate and try CAMP gear and workshop!

Partner workshop 6: Cross-country ski trekking with the ESF of Puy Saint Vincent

The domain of Puy Saint Vincent as you’ve never seen it before: wild, silent and poetic...

All that you need to know about cross-country skiing, you can test it with a monitor/guide!

From 8h to 15h, every day, slip on your skins!

Stephane Troussier, the mountain guide will teach you security equipment: DVA/spade/probe, behavior of snow, and Mountain Risk Management.

Related with the gear, you need your own shoes and skis, or you can test those of our partner Expé Marseille, LA SPORTIVA & SALOMON!

Partner workshop 7: Snowshoe cross-country trekking in wonderful landscape

Because we wanted to open the ICE to other mountain activities, we offer you a snowshoe cross-country trekking workshop!

Christophe Lebreton, mountain guide, will share with you his passion for nature and the fauna. He will also initiate you into the secrets of snow and how it reacts: to discern a real danger and how?

How does it work?
Christophe lend you snowshoes and take you into his secret spots! It teaches you the nature, snow studies, the risk but also the right way in the mountains.

Attention, there are only 8 seats per day!

Partner workshop 8: Free-ride workshop with SALOMON

Let’s try free-riding, framed by your mountain guide, Tony Lamiche!

Where? It depends of snow conditions and ski levels of participants (la Grave, Puy St Vincent, Vars, Pelvoux, Serre-Chevalier)!

How does it works?

You need your own shoes and skis, or you can also test those of our partner Expé Marseille!

Attention the ski pass is not included and the group is limited to 8 participants.

Your guide will show you new white routes.

Taste sensations of skiing in fresh powder, unforgettable!

Partner workshop 9: ANENA, for a secure behavior when mountainering

It is natural to go ski touring, ice climbing, free-riding with avalanche safety equipment, and it is equally essential to know how it works if one is exposed to the risks related to avalanches.

That’s why, the French Nationale Association for the Study of Snow and Avalanches (ANENA) will be present during the 3 days of the ICE festival!

Tom Minaudo, ski, snow and avalanches teacher, will be there in order to answer to your questions.

During three days, the ANENA ski touring workshop will be held by Tom, teaching safety behavior when ski touring…

Partner workshop 10: from the water to the ice, with Blue Ice & Ortovox!!

Amazing... Jérome Blanc-Gras from Blue Ice team, within an ice climbing workshop, will explain how ice behave... it would be nice to read before coming, the book "Glaces, arts, expériences et techniques", thank you!
And... we kept the best for the end (the cherry on the cake), with Dominique Stumpert, the BEST guide of all the guides around the world, will teach you what all iceclimber should know, and do... just unique.

Partner workshop 11: Safety Academy with MILLET only for ladies (sorry)

How to prepare for a ski tour? Maybe with the GMHM or High Mountain Military Group ...
With a guide from the GMHM you will share, ladies, his passion for apinism through this workshop oriented safety.
It will also be an opportunity to test the MILLET backpacks and make some critical and constructive feedbacks.


Contact : (+33) (0)6 11 07 00 91


The most frozen event on the planet!!! 3 days of workshop, entertainment, training by mountain guides, equipment test, shuttle bus for 30 Euros a day…

Concept 1 : Workshops of ice climbing, ski trek, free ride, dry-tooling, snowshoes cross country

With always the training and sharing in the heart of this event.
The expertise of FFCAM and mountain guides (50 in Ice 2018) enables us to offer initiation and improvement workshops, in dozen spots with a priority on :
- Search of avalanche victims and study of the snow-cover.
- Preparation of race (the study of ice conditions, analysis of the weather forecast, read guidebooks, map, directions).
- Using of safety materials (DVA, shovel, probe).

Concept 2 : A professional exhibition and materials tests.
The idea : test, try and approve !

Through partners of Ice Climbing, Petzl, Beal, Millet, La Sportiva, Ortovox, Blue Ice, Expé Marseille, Aproach, Salomon, l’ESF de Puy Saint Vincent, etc...
You can test cramps, helmet, ice pick, shoes … within the limit of available stocks. Be shure that you are autonomous with the gear, you can only test it there, no loan. Call also our partners’ shops (have a look at the Practical info part). Also, be careful : DVA, shovel and probe are obligatory !

Concept 3 : The first EU Cup of speed on an icefall !

Best climbers of the world will have to be the faster! Arms vibrate, cramps screech, and ice picks are sparks for timeless show ! This new form of competition will be tested at the Champagny (dificulty) and ICE (speed) for the 2022 Olympic Games!

Cracked voice, break away!

Concept 4 : A lot of entertainments !!!

The first movies Festival followed of round tables, with famous guests, Flamenco show with 6 musicians & dancers, an highline of 140 meters, jumpline athletes, concerts, DJs and work fire!!!
But also a literary café, with Ecrins library : Last news reading… Free massages in the yurt by kiné professional.

So, ready?

Contact : (+33) (0)6 11 07 00 91

Practical infos

Online registrations start the 1st of December 2017 and stop the 8st of January 2018

On-site workshops registration:

1. Introduce yourself at the welcome desk, in the gymnasium, we will give you your badge
2. HAPPY HOUR, each evening from 6:30pm to 8pm, you must register directly with your guide and choose your specific workshop, also according to the weather

Hiring equipment and DVA:

- the best way for ice climbing or skiing is to be autonomous, you can also book equipment with local partners shops (see below)
- Equipment hire will be in the exhibition (gymnasium) only in the frame of partners workshops
- Security equipment: DVA/spade/probe are obligatory for the valleys, these kits can be hired with local partners shops (see below)


- Don’t forget your headlamp, it could save your life....
- Security briefings are indispensable before setting off to climb. If you weren’t able to attend: ask the guides to inform you about conditions.
- The valleys close at 16h, departure time for the last shuttle. Be aware of the High Mountain gendarmes, mountain security police and guides who looked after your security during the day in the valleys: don’t keep them waiting!

Think about car-sharing OR OR

By Car

Coming from the North :
A48 motorway to Grenoble, then take the Lautaret Pass road (RN91)
Cross Briançon in the Gap direction
Follow signs for L’Argentière-La Bessée

By Italy :
A43 Maurienne motorway by the Fréjus tunnel
Take the Montgenèvre Pass
Cross Briançon in the Gap direction
Follow signs for L’Argentière-La Bessée

Coming from the South :
A51 motorway to the end (La Saulce)
Take the Briançon direction (RN 94)
Once at La Roche-de-Rame, follow signs for L’Argentière-La Bessée

By train:
To get to Pays des Ecrins by train, you will find all times and regional information on the SNCF website :

or this free number : 0(+33) (0)800 11 40 23 from Monday to Friday from 07h00 to 19h00

List of shops

King’s Sport
La Casse, 05290 Vallouise
Tél : 04 92 23 31 20

Approach by Alpimat
Rue des Couteliers, 05100 Briançon
Tél : 04 92 20 59 55

Chaud Sport Puy-Saint-Vincent
Station 1600, 05290 Puy-Saint-Vincent
Tél : 04 92 23 51 55

Le Kiosque, Place Auguste Giraud
05120 L’Argentière-la-Bessée
Tél : 04 92 23 03 47

List of hosts

Clot Saint Joseph
Maison d’hôtes à Pelvoux
2 gîtes pour 6 et 10 personnes
5 chambres d’hôtes
Portable : +33 (0)6 61 63 39 37
Site :

Gîte Refuge Le Pas du Loup
05120 St Martin de Queyrières
Portable : +33 (0)611 41 52 73 / +33 (0)6 08 40 03 62
E-mail :
Site :

La Bâtie des Vigneaux
Meublé 4/6 places
Damien Genevois
Portable : +33 (0)6 38 35 58 64
Site :

Vallée de Vallouise
Locations chez Jerry Gore
Portable : +33 (0)6 89 19 75 63
E-mail :
Site :

Le Relais de PELVOUX
Philippe Macou
Pelvoux St Antoine
Portable :

Camping-Caravaneige et Spa l’Iscle de Prelles
05120 Saint Martin de Queyrières
Portable : ou
Site :

Centrale de réservation SAEM Les Ecrins
at Puy Saint Vincent
Véronique FERRERO
Tél :
E-mail :
Site :

Le Moulin Papillon
Bénédicte Voruz
Rue du Fournel
05120 l’Argentière la Bessée
Téléphone :
Portable :
Mail :

Hôtel chez Glaizette
Hôtel Restaurant
32 Rue de la République
Téléphone: 04 92 23 10 05

Chalet Couleurs d’en Haut
Brigitte Dehoux
Les Hodourenqs
05310 Freissinières

Brin de Paille
David et Lydie Monnet
Table et chambres d’hôte, location gîte
Les Casses Prelles
05120 St Martin de Queyrieres
Téléphone :
Portable :
Mail :
Sites: &

La Pierre d’Oran
Isabelle Martin
Route des Espagnols - Les Cheneviers
05120 L’Argentière La Bessée
Téléphone :
Portable :
Mail :

Les 5 Saisons
Hôtel, Gîte d’étape, Meublés Location
Mark & Caroline Ford
05310 Freissinières
Téléphone: 04 92 20 94 40
Portable: 07 88 77 80 76

Chalets Accueil de la Biaysse
Gîte de groupe
Les Ribes - 05310 Freissinières
Téléphone: 04 92 20 93 74
Portable: 06 69 18 01 10

Les Chalets de Vallouise
Chemin des Chambonnettes
05290 Vallouise
Téléphone : 04 92 23 30 26

Gîte d’Etape "Au Fil de l’Onde"
Marion GENTA
Les Ribes
05290 Vallouise
Téléphone: 00/33(0) 492 233 728
Portable: 00/33(0) 615 033 554

Hôtel L´Edelweiss ‎
Rière Pont
05290 Vallouise
Téléphone: +33 4 92 23 38 58
Portable: 06 60 90 01 54

Hôtel Les Vallois
Rière Pont
05290 Vallouise
Téléphone: 04 92 23 33 10

Hôtel de la Gare
48 Avenue Charles de Gaulle
05120 L’Argentière la Bessée
Téléphone: 04 92 23 10 98

Chambres d’Hôtes
Mr et Mme PIERARD Françoise & Patrick
D 212, La Casse
Téléphone : 04 92 23 41 81
Portable : 06 20 33 31 58

Maison Estienne
Route des Écrins
05120 Les Vigneaux
Téléphone: 04 92 20 26 71
Mail :

Le Rucher du Martagon
Mr et Mme LUCAS Sébastien et Christine
Apiculteurs - Chambres et table d’hôtes
Les Seyes
Téléphone: 04 92 20 97 56

La Batie des Vigneaux
Appartements 4 personnes ou chambres d’hotes

Gîte les Carlines
Sandrine Lacroix
05120 Les Vigneaux
Téléphone: 04 92 23 02 74

Centre Alpin de l’Eychauda
Damien Haxaire
Le Sarret F- 05340 PELVOUX
Téléphones: 04 92 23 49 51 et 06 07 79 89 96

Entre Terre et Ciel
Geert Vennix et Anne van Galen
La Balme
05120 Les Vigneaux
Téléphone: 0492 436 998

Ice Rock Backpacker
18 Avenue de Vallouise
05120 L’argentière-la-Bessée
Tél : 04-92-49-39-53
ou 06-32-23-52-30
Email : & Site:


- Un appartement disponible à l’Argentière-la-Bessée pendant la semaine de l’ICE, contacter Helen Laundon sur le site

- Un meublé sympa (classé ***) pour deux personnes, disponible à l’Argentière-la-Bessée pendant l’ICE! Plus d’infos sur: ou contactez directement Rodolphe GODIN au 06 74 21 68 19 et

- Un appartement (4 personnes) qui est disponible à Valouise La Casse. Pour le renseignement l’adresse émail est: ou

For more informations :

Contact : (+33) (0)6 11 07 00 91


Registrations on line start the 1st of December 2017
Registrations on line stop the 8th of January 2018

Equipment for searching for avalanche victims, spale, and probe for workshops are required. Shuttle and valley access control.


  • FFME licence, FFCAM licence.
  • Identity card or passport required.

The HAPPY HOUR from 6:30pm to 8pm : in order to register into the workshops proposed by our partners (FFCAM, Petzl, Camp, La Sportiva, Salomon, Blue Ice, ESF)...

- to go in the Valleys of Fournel and Freissinières & to benefit from shuttles & radios, you must be registered to ICE festival at the Independant ice climbers + be assured at least with a daily license (sold on site) + observe safety precautions that will be distributed at the entrance,
- reminders of safety rules:
# getting out of the Valleys before 4pm
# have a first aid kit, a headlamp
# test the radio with the controller guide at the entrance of the Valley (radio lend by the organization)
# attend the security briefing at 6:30pm each evening at the ICE Village

Please go below for registration, registration is individual.

Online registration form COMING SOON



Contact : (+33) (0)6 11 07 00 91


WEDNESDAY 16 January

  • 20h Festival OFF de films de montagne en cours de sélection, au Cinéma l’Eau Vive de l’Argentière la Bessée sur le thème la culture alpine, des hommes et des gestes avec Yvan Estienne, Guillaume Maingui, et beaucoup de surprises...

THURSDAY 17th January

  • 17h Welcoming participants, Exhibition & ICE Village open, Place du Quartz at Argentière la Bessée
  • 18h SECURITY Briefing (obligatory for participants)
  • 19h Workshops & groups board display of workshops, with the mountain guides at the ICE Village
  • 19h30 Animations, Books dedications, Concerts at the ICE Village
  • 20h Exhibition closure followed by evening meal
  • 21h OPENING EVENING with several films being selected on the theme of excellence in mountaineering, presence of the French gold ice axes 2018, GFHM, the GEAN group, and many surprises....
  • 22h Closure and shuttle buses to Pelvoux and Freissinières

FRIDAY 18th January

  • 7/8h Welcoming participant, check DVA at the entrance of the shuttles & departure for the Ice, Dry, Free-ride, Snowshoe and Ski Trek workshops
  • 16h Return shuttles to ICE Village
  • 18h SECURITY briefing (mandatory for participants), ice conditions, equipment returns, hot drinks
  • 19h Workshops & groups board display of workshops, with the mountain guides at the ICE Village
  • 19h30 TOMBOLA, prize draw of our partners Petzl, La Sportiva, Salomon, Millet, Camp, Approach, Scarpa, Béal, Approach, Vieux Campeur, the local shops King’s & Espace Montagne (crampons, ropes, ice axes, DVA, bags ...)
  • 20h Exhibition closure followed by evening meal
  • 21h Hot debate evening with the movy ’Liv along the Way’, guests Liv Sansoz, Julia Virat, Christophe Moulin, François Damilano followed by a debate on the theme "the spirit of being together vs. soloing climbing"
  • 22h Swing atmosphere with DJ Lafouche at the ICE Village
  • 23h Closure and shuttle buses to Pelvoux and Freissinières

SATURDAY 19th January

  • 7/8h Welcoming participant, check DVA at the entrance of the shuttles & departure for the workshops
  • 9/15h Ice climbing International Open out-door qualifications (still secret place ...)
  • 16h Return shuttles to ICE Village (infos ice conditions, equipment returns, hot drinks)
  • 17h30 TOMBOLA, draw of NIGHTS in French SHELTER, offered by the French Federation of Mountaineering (FFCAM)
  • 18h SECURITY briefing (mandatory for participants), infos ice conditions, equipment returns, hot drinks
  • 18h30 Ice climbing International Open final inside, at the ICE Village
  • 19h30 Workshops & groups board display of workshops, with the mountain guides at the ICE Village
  • 19h45 Award Ceremony of the International Competition at the ICE Village followed by a giant FIREWORKS at the ICE Village
  • 20h Exhibition closure followed by evening meal
  • 21h30 Radio Tutti feat Barilla Sisters SHOW, followed by a SPECIAL DJ evening with la P’te fumée & Sagagnass Sound System
  • 23h/1h Shuttle buses to Pelvoux and Freissinières

SUNDAY 20th January

  • 7/8h Welcoming participant, check DVA at the entrance of the shuttles & departure for the workshops
  • 14h Return shuttles to ICE Village
  • 16h Exhibition closure, end of ICE 2018...

Contact : (+33) (0)6 11 07 00 91


ICE 2018’s conclusion


ICE 2017’s conclusion